Summer WildernessActivities - ...with "husky"power !!

Trapper Tour

As a guide with local knowledge, I take you outback, often only on narrow paths, through dark woods, lonely clearings and swamps, and we climb upon a mountain with beautiful view. Feel on our 13 km round trip a piece of the vast expanse of the wilderness of Värmland. Along the way we often do, of course, a relaxing break.
After the tour we are guests at Birgit in Värmlandsgården. Upon request, we will go there to freshen up first in the sauna and subsequently there is a proper Elk goulash soup. A first class event!
10.00 until 16.00 clock
490: - SEK / pers

Sauna 70: - SEK / pers
Elk goulash soup 120: - SEK / pers